15 Apr 2022

Article on Red Bull vs. Pepsi’s energy drinks tagline battle in Delhi High Court featured in the April Newsletter of the widely circulated The Trademark Lawyer Magazine. The piece has been co-authored by Misum Hossain (LLC Founder) & Reshmi Hossain (IP & Commercial Law Specialist, LLC).

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12 Apr 2022

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has won a landmark copyright claim in a UK court over his 2017 chartbuster ‘Shape of You’ after a 4-year long legal case over plagiarism charges finally came to an end with the Judge ruling that the singer had not plagiarized the song from a lesser-known track

2 Mar 2022

Lincoln Legal Chambers Founder Mr. M. Hossain has been inducted in the prestigious Editorial Board of the widely circulated and highly regarded international magazine "The Trademark Lawyer"

11 Dec 2021

Former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan feels India should adopt an agnostic attitude on crypto trading and the regulators should be careful about any blanket ban as that will drive the whole process underground

7 Dec 2021

With cryptocurrency trading platforms flexing their muscle in the Indian market and the number of investors swelling, there looms an imminent danger for the economy in the promise of stellar returns and an entirely unregulated sphere. This piece from LLC explores how the solution may not lie in a blanket ban but a carefully crafted legislation and the appointment of a regulatory body.

22 Nov 2021

The evolution of smartphones and internet connectivity has resulted in the birth of a behemoth – the Apps. The App Icons, whether in App Store or Google Play Store, have a distinct function in identifying a particular brand just like trademarks in the form of logos and names. This piece explores the questions of whether such app icons can and should be registered as trademarks.