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23 May 2022

Cryptocurrency is growing in India but there looms an imminent danger in the promise of stellar returns in a "not so" regulated sphere. Starting from RBI’s 2018 Circular for total banning to Supreme Court’s 2020 ruling quashing the Circular, to the government’s recent crypto tax, to ASCI’s February 2022 advertising guidelines and to even the recent proposal from SEBI for ban on celebrity endorsements of crypto, the cryptocurrency climate has been constantly evolving.

4 May 2022

Levi Strauss & Co. have recently won a trademark case before the Delhi High Court in relation to their arcuate /back pocket stitching design mark on jeans. The Court pemanently injuncted the Defendants from manufacturing or selling jeans with identical or deceptively similar designs.

25 Apr 2022

Luxury shoe brand Louboutin has faced defeat in a trademark infringement case in Japan after the Court ruled that its iconic red soled heels had not acquired secondary meaning or distinctiveness as a source indicator despite 20+ years presence in the market, sales revenue and advertising

12 Apr 2022

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has won a landmark copyright claim in a UK court over his 2017 chartbuster ‘Shape of You’ after a 4-year long legal case over plagiarism charges finally came to an end with the Judge ruling that the singer had not plagiarized the song from a lesser-known track

7 Dec 2021

With cryptocurrency trading platforms flexing their muscle in the Indian market and the number of investors swelling, there looms an imminent danger for the economy in the promise of stellar returns and an entirely unregulated sphere. This piece from LLC explores how the solution may not lie in a blanket ban but a carefully crafted legislation and the appointment of a regulatory body.

22 Nov 2021

The evolution of smartphones and internet connectivity has resulted in the birth of a behemoth – the Apps. The App Icons, whether in App Store or Google Play Store, have a distinct function in identifying a particular brand just like trademarks in the form of logos and names. This piece explores the questions of whether such app icons can and should be registered as trademarks.

11 November 2021

Global sporting events like the Olympics and T20 World Cup facilitate moment marketing campaigns used by brands to gain audience engagement. This has come under the scanner for violation of rules and regulations. The questions surrounding the legality of this clever yet controversial marketing technique is explored through this piece.

10 November 2021

The State Govt. in West Bengal has extended the temporary relief (earlier applicable till 30th Oct 2021) now till 31st Jan 2022 to all buyers by keeping the stamp duty rate reduced by 2% for registration of deeds affecting sale/lease of land/house/flat etc. and the circle rate /market value by 10%  from prevalent market rates.

The Indian Premiere League cricket season brings along with it the legal questions surrounding online betting and fantasy gaming applications and their position in context to the Indian laws

Businessman Raj Kundra's arrest due to his alleged involvement with Apps producing adult content has brought focus on a new industry thriving on OTT porn

24 Aug 2021

The Supreme Court of India has passed an important judgment in August 2021 in the dispute involving Amazon and the Future Group where the Court has upheld the enforcement in India of an international arbitral interim order.

19 Aug 2021

Justice R F Nariman has retired as a Judge of the Supreme Court in August 2021 with a rapturous farewell just 7 years after his elevation directly from the Bar. His brief tenure leaves us a legendary legacy that will traverse the chapters of Indian jurisprudence in golden font.