Governance Structure

Lincoln Legal Chambers has formed a Leadership Group comprising of its Founder as Chair along with experienced counsels from its Core Practice Teams.

The Group constitutes of individuals from its three departments being Litigation, Transactions and Advisory as committee members.The Leadership Group is LLC’s governance body which is responsible for the overall stewardship of the Law Practice and its entire network including collaborative work across several jurisdictions.

Leadership Group Role

The Leadership Group takes all strategic decisions for client work related to dispute resolutions, mediations, property procurement and sales, business restructurings and client advisory services.

The Group shoulders responsibility for managing the practice’s business risks, shaping in-house policies and taking the lead on negotiations with vendors who supply products and services to LLC. The Group plays a crucial role in enriching the LLC culture, supervising learning opportunities, taking decisions on internal recruitments, approving budgets for pro bono initiatives and managing student mentorship programmes.

Work Culture

LLC prides itself in being a law practice that focusses on trust as the single most determinant factor in its client relations.

Our commitment is to create a dependable, collaborative and inspiring work culture so that clients signing up with LLC once will always identify it as the ideal partner for practical and commerce centric solutions to legal problems. At LLC, we invest on our client relations through a directed approach to solve problems and only see billing parameters as merely incidental to the work rather than being the focal point of our ethos. Therefore, it is vital for us to have solid leadership and a vigorous approach.