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26 Apr 2022

UK based international magazine "The Trademark Lawyer" is celebrating World IP Day on April 26 with a special newsletter with comments from their Editorial Board and IP experts around the world. LLC is happy to announce that the newsletter features comments from Founder Mr. Misum Hossain reflecting on the intellectual property events of the past year. We wish everyone a happy World IP Day as we create awareness about IP with the philosophy - Create | Protect | Foster

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15 Apr 2022

Article on Red Bull vs. Pepsi’s energy drinks tagline battle in Delhi High Court featured in the April Newsletter of the widely circulated The Trademark Lawyer Magazine. The piece has been co-authored by Misum Hossain (LLC Founder) & Reshmi Hossain (IP & Commercial Law Specialist, LLC).

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22 Nov 2020

An informative bulletin to apprise LLC readers, subscribers and industry peers on the recent legal news, landmark judgments, regulatory or statutory developments and other updates from the legal landscape in India. We hope everyone enjoys the inaugural issue and we look forward to publishing many more in the future. We also thank ahead and look forward to any helpful feedback.

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30 MAY 2020

LLC Senior Associate Ms. Farhana Khatun delves into the concept of VPN and the various legal implications along with its link to the emergent alternative entertainment platform – the OTT (Over-the-top), the streaming media service offered directly to viewers via the Internet bypassing cable, satellite and broadcast platforms.

20 MAY 2020

LLC Associate Ms. Safura Ahmed’s Article is a commentary on the Indian statute, The Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, in context to the current Covid19 pandemic along with a comparative interpretation of laws, old and new, from several other foreign jurisdictions.

Legal Implications of Pandemic on Labour & Employment Laws
15 Apr 2020

LLC Senior Associate Farhana Khatun’s article is a commentary on the advisories, orders etc. that have been initiated in India. It covers issues like wages, salaries, layoffs, termination, closure, contracts of employment, pay cuts among others.